My Story

As a sound therapist and yoga facilitator my work is always intentionally guided to draw you out of your thinking mind, and lead you back to your body.

My work and practice is heavily focused on using sound as a therapeutic tool for anxiety, depression and general disconnect from your body.

Having experienced anxiety, depression, dissociation from my body and disordered eating from my early teens, I have always been drawn to finding therapeutic tools which enable me to come back to my body during these episodes. 

Trained in sound healing therapy, hatha and yin yoga; my mission is to guide you to explore a deeper connection to your physical, emotional and energetic self through sound and movement.

Whether you are completely new to the idea of sound as a therapeutic tool or you are a frequent sound bather, I am here to hold space for you and your experiences. All of you is welcome here.

'Frequency + Intent = Healing' - Jonathan Goldman.

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My Approach

Working with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls attuned to the seven main chakra's / energy points in the body, my sessions will allow your body to fall back into alignment with its natural rhythm.

We can work with and on specific areas of your body i.e. troublesome lower back, where the bowls are played both on and around the body.

Or the session can be focused on a whole body approach, and in turn specific areas may call out for attention.

Your experience will always be unique as the healing tones, vibrations and frequencies will travel deeper than physical touch can reach.

Interested? Get in touch with me to discuss private healing sessions.