Three sound practices to bring into your life if you 'thrive under pressure'.

Do you class yourself as someone who thrives under pressure?

Awesome! The world needs people like you!


Do you then have practices in your day to day life that support you and your nervous system once that 'pressure' moment is over?

No? That's completely normal and often the part of life that gets neglected.

Its important to have a toolbelt of practices that you can turn to in order to nourish your nervous system, because a cliché as the saying is, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

So, here are 3 practices you can easily begin to weave into your daily life to help soothe your nervous system whilst you kick ass problem solving, dealing with high pressure situations or just generally living your life at a fast pace.

  1. Humming Breath - If you follow me on Instagram ( you'll know I always talk about this breath technique. Its free, you don't need any equipment and you can do it anywhere.

Inhale in through your nose and on the exhale, with the lips closed, gently hum for

duration of your exhale.

This breath creates vibrations which stimulate your vagus nerve, activating your

parasympathetic nervous system into action, allowing your heart rate and respiration

rate to slow down.

2. Binaural Beats - Grab your headphones and get a binaural beats playlist in your


Binaural beats are when two different frequencies are played simultaneously into the

left and right ear, the brain then perceives a third frequency which is the

mathematical difference between the two frequencies. This entrains the brainwaves

into a specific state. I.e. search for a playlist on YouTube for Theta binaural beats and the frequencies played into your ears will work to bring your brainwaves from their active beta state into theta state, which is the rate your brainwaves slow to just

before sleep or deep meditation.

3. Deep Listening - If your brain is feeling frazzled this is a simple but powerful practice

to bring you back to your self and in turn reset your nervous system.

Wherever you are, start to bring your awareness to the very furthest sound you can

hear. Focus only on that sound for 5 breaths.

Then bring our awareness in to notice a sound which is just outside of where your are

i.e. outside of your room, office, car. Again focus on that sound for 5 breaths.

Draw your awareness then to a sound within your space, and stay with this sound for

5 breaths.

Finally, what sound can you hear closest to you? This may be your own breath. Stay

here for 5 breaths or as long as you feel you need to before carrying on with your


Enjoy and remember, it's all a practice xx

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