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You began with sound.

Recently as my mind was wandering during a Yin class; well, I saying wandering but due to the outcome of the experience and the birth of this blog post entry, embodying seems more apt! There I was, surrendering into foetal position, the first form we ever embodied as a human, formed from 'nothing' and created into existence, swimming in the liquid which keeps us safe and protected until we are ready to emerge into the world.

It's here, in this first form, this safe container, that we encountered our first sound healing experience. In this safe womb space we begin to feel the vibrations of our Mother's voice, the sound and vibrations travelling from her vocal chords down into the womb, permeating through the amniotic fluid and into your cells.

As you begin to grow and your conscious self forms, sounds from the outside world will also start to penetrate into your inner awareness; such as music being played through headphones against your Mother's bump, the vibrations reverberating through the skin and into the watery liquid surrounding you. Perhaps there was music or sounds that made you kick, flip, or sleep? This is the tangible effect of sound and vibration on your ever growing self.

This is what embodying foetal position brought me to share with you. The incredible notion and thought that sound healing has been a part of your life (whether consciously or unconsciously), since you were a mere group of cells moulding into the human form which you embody today.

Seriously, incredible.

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